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Gamer who loves ANYTHING Horror, RPGs, Adventure, Point-n-click and Time Management. I tend to always write reviews when I play a game. If you have any recommendations or just wanna talk games, hit a girl up. Laters! <3 NOW OFFICIALLY A BETA TESTER! <3

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CaptKirky's News

Posted by CaptKirky - March 5th, 2017

Alot has happened over the past few months. Cant believe I havent made a post since September...

I turned 30 a week ago and I moved into my own apartment which I LOVE.

Ive been finding out more and more about myself. My job has been really great.

Making friends, taking names. Negating the nonsense from my life 100%.

I really plan on trying to be here more. Played some really great games today and I miss you guys! <3

Posted by CaptKirky - September 14th, 2016


Im sure I'll be back in full swing of things soon enough. 
Dont worry I havent forgotten about you NGers. <3

Posted by CaptKirky - August 18th, 2016


Posted by CaptKirky - August 1st, 2016



July was a simple month for voting. All my boys who are the MASTERS of Point and Clicks get all votes, spots 1-10 for me. Great work to @FM-Studio @DeathTiger0 and @SelfDefiant for never ceasing to amaze me with the best games around.

You guys are one of the main reasons why I keep coming back to Newgrounds. Keep up the fantastic work! <3


Posted by CaptKirky - July 28th, 2016

Where my games at?! :(

Posted by CaptKirky - July 19th, 2016

Wanna give a huge thanks to the artists that contributed to my quest for profile pics. Im still expecting some more but I am so happy with what I have now! Here they are :D :

@LilG for the win! Thanks so much for this. This is honestly what I was hoping and expecting and I am so in love with it! You rock my socks. I feel as though I am finally and truly a Flap Jack character. Its exactly what I wanted and you went all out. You have my heart. 


My second submission was from @Deathink <3 Super dupper cute. Cant get over it honestly. It really means alot to me that you would take the time to make this. Its such an honor.  


 I plan on switching my profile pics between these and maybe a couple of other pics once they come but I am SERIOUSLY so fucking impressed and I cant thank you guys enough for doing this. It truly means the world to me and I am forever grateful.  


Today also marks the end to one of my prized possesions. One of my Train Schedule, "throw in your purse" notebooks was pretty instantely filled with puzzle/pointnclick game notes and has sadly run out of pages. RIP you beautiful chaotic mess and thanks to all of my fav game developers that have helped:

@selfdefiant @tirod2000 @DeathTiger0 @kai3114 @FM-Studio @ZeroDigitZ @Psionic3D @RustyLake

Heres a short gif I made. I can probably fill in abit more space but its gotta go in my Scrap Box soon. I probably wont be buying a new one. I found its been quite easy to try notes into my computers "notepad" but to draw clues... hmm. I wonder if you guys recognize some of the notes. Its kind of all over the place. I didnt do it consecutively at all. 


Love your games. Hope to see some more stuff from you guys soon. Just know your work is EXTREMELY appreciated by me. Im a fan for life! <3

Hope everyone has a lovely day. Gonna step out for Soba Noodles in a bit. Enjoy the summer. 



Posted by CaptKirky - July 2nd, 2016

@demon1000 @deathink @carrion @cedar @chrisrosewood @whirlguy @yakovlevArt @ThePsychoSheep @Meloramylin @JohnnyTwobyFour @DBuck-Eye @LilG @YomToxic


Happy 4th of July weekend to all my fav Artists on NG and everyone else (dont worry I wouldnt forget about YOU!)

I have a request and if I included your name on here PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do NOT feel obligated to answer or do anything you dont want to but I really really have been wanting this for a while now...

Id really like to have a profile picture that is up forever and evers that I like and really represents me and my love for Flapjack. I was hoping that maybe you have a lull in your own work and maybe have time to put something together for me.

Recently, @YomToxic created this gem for me...



Love it, will always be happy I was included in his contest, AND WON THAT BIZ! (Won what you ask?! Nothing :P )

But it looks NOTHING like me (though the boobs are fairly accurate.) Would love something less NSFW and more..."me." But the concept behind it would be great, meaning I would like it to be Flapjack related, ie clothing wise, cartooning style, whatever you feel works with your own artistic aesthetic.

If you dont know what I look like and need a reference, message me here or dm me and I'll send you a picture of myself.  Lightskinned, tall, skinny, tattoos on my chest and back, natural mini afro (YES AFRO!) brown eyes,glasses- blue framed) brown hair with a lil white hair in the front (Not as much as Rogue from X-Men, but definitely enough that people notice it all the time)

I hope to get some replies or some people interested. Its a stretch to ask but... why not try?!

What do you get in return? I would say my love and admiration but you already get that.... so I dunno maybe like a virtual hug? Definitely will give you credit on my facebook page (Oooo yea, you'll get prime access to my Facebook. So nice!)  :D We can negotiate :D

<3 Regardless I hope everyone has a fun and safe weekend. I will kind of be MIA for a few days but will probably end up on here a few times via my mobile.  Love you guys! <3


Posted by CaptKirky - July 1st, 2016



Hope yalls June was as lovely as mine! Did alot of fun stuff including going to a meditation retreat for a weekend. Really cool taking some time off to find your inner peace. Well worth it, definitely do it if you need the calm.


A lot of great stuff this past month. Lets talk about a few of the greats.

Sanity Check: Chapter 1 by @Rocketlex - MAN O MAN, what a game! AND ITS A SERIES!!!! Truly amazing work. Great graphics, storyline, honestly everything. The concept is pretty brillaint, wether youre a gamer or a game developer, it has all the bits that highlight a great RPG. Honestly it was VERY easy to pick it as my number 1 choice for June. Still frontpaged if you havent played, check it out.

Mr. Timan by @Vogd3 -A somewhat simple game but the graphics are really well done and the puzzles are pretty clever. I didnt have a huge issue figuring anything out but the addition of medals made it super fun. Storyline is really interesting too. Kind of hoping for an 2nd episode but we'll see. I believe the developer had stated that he completed the full game in a week and thats impressive as fuck. I could only imagine what he could create with more time and the thought is just mindblowing.

Looping Light Show by @WolveGames - You guys know I favorite maybe 1-2 videos a month since Im mainly a gamer here but this loop was EFFING BRILLIANT. Definitely the best loop Ive ever seen on Newgrounds. I dont even want to explain it, but check it out yourself. It was made for Animation Jam and I will be super shocked if he/she doesnt win because Ive never seen anything like it and its quite genius.  Super cute, gives a great nod to NG which I always appreciate.

Love Chase by @DeathTiger0 - What do I even need to say. The dude pumps out great point-n-clicks every month. The graphics and voice-acting are always on point and well surpass any of his competitors. I feel like a broken record talking about Carmel Games, but I dont mind praising him whenever a game of his pops up here.


Notable Mentions:
@SilverGames @VasantJ @Selfdefiant @OmiyaGames - Great job guys! <3

Gonna be posting an artist request fairly soon, so keep an eye out for that.

Posted by CaptKirky - June 21st, 2016


I cant figure out to do @TomFulp Emojis in chat so I just ask my friends to post it for me when Im feeling Fulpy.


Thanks to @ragnkinson @bit and @MemeFiend3 for being my Fulp WingMen.

Honorable Mentions: @Mich @BrentheMan and @24901miles. Thanks for being my sexy e-baby daddies.







If you havent made your way into chat yet, you should. It can pretty much filled with talk about anus' and racism for the most part but sometimes its really fun. Let me know if you'll be around: date and time.

Posted by CaptKirky - June 8th, 2016

My laptop had been getting super hot recently and my browser was just getting slower and slower so I sent that bad boy over to Geek Sqaud. I DEFINITELY paid way too much to get a tune up (Vacummed and Virus Removal), but dude, my computer is fucking SMOOTHHHHHH right now. OMFG, even just writing this post is like butter!

Its funny how virus' can really fuck your shit up. I dont think I do much pirating and porn watching but seriously, my baby was FOOKED.

I snuck in a @selfdefiant game in earlier today at work but since I havent had a computer in the past 5 days I havent really been able to do my normal, "get home from work and play some NG games" routine. 


http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/675852 Allure Escape: Beach House, here I come! 

Edit : http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/675782 AND DEAD DETENTION!!- YAS!!!!!! @08jackt