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CaptKirky's News

Posted by CaptKirky - June 8th, 2016

My laptop had been getting super hot recently and my browser was just getting slower and slower so I sent that bad boy over to Geek Sqaud. I DEFINITELY paid way too much to get a tune up (Vacummed and Virus Removal), but dude, my computer is fucking SMOOTHHHHHH right now. OMFG, even just writing this post is like butter!

Its funny how virus' can really fuck your shit up. I dont think I do much pirating and porn watching but seriously, my baby was FOOKED.

I snuck in a @selfdefiant game in earlier today at work but since I havent had a computer in the past 5 days I havent really been able to do my normal, "get home from work and play some NG games" routine. 


http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/675852 Allure Escape: Beach House, here I come! 

Edit : http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/675782 AND DEAD DETENTION!!- YAS!!!!!! @08jackt

Posted by CaptKirky - June 3rd, 2016

2894246_146498446082_Screenshot2016-06-03at4.06.48PM.pngWhat a great month for good quality stuff!

Have to give the number 1 spot to @08jackt for a brilliant end to a fantastic series Alula Falling. If you havent played it I suggest starting with the first episode. The story was really well thought out and developed quite nicely. The last episode, "Alula Falling #5" was absoulutely amazing. Its been a wild ride. Cant wait for his next story.

@AlecArts and @EthanBurnsides's "Magic Cat" was a cute little story about a wizard finding a magical staff in the woods. It just brings a legit smile on my face and even now watching it for like the 20th time, its still insanely adorable. Graphics are really sick too. Short and HUGELY sweet.

The demo for Authentic Octopus is definitely something to check out for it is pretty bad ass already just in this demo version. @squidly really has a great idea here. Its funny and entertaining. Im hoping the full version will be free or at least cheap because I really enjoyed this.

Riddle Transfer 2... what can I say about this gem. I had never heard of this series before but once I saw the uproar for this latest episode I decided to go WAY BACK in NG time and play the series in its entirey. Its FUCKING AMAZING! Jesus Christ, one of my favorite series here on NG for sure. The thought that @JonBro put into it is just amazing. I hope it never ends though Im no so sure what the deal is. If you havent played it and you enjoy puzzle games, GET ON IT. You wont be disappointed.


Have fun playing these games and videos. Let me know what you think or if you have any questions about anything.

Gotta run, hectic week at work, sorry if there are any spelling errors or anythinng. Wanted to write this real quick so I dont get behind on my reviews, espeically for art I really enjoyed. <3



Posted by CaptKirky - May 8th, 2016

Hmm, lets see. Considering I was basically at Pico Day (via live stream) here was my favorite parts...

Getting there right when the livestream started so I got to see @TomFulp for about 2 mins. He looked..excited lol


Seeing @WooleyWorld and falling in love Instantneously.  

When @Emily-Youcis decided to host and it was probably the best thing that happened (well almost) considering we all couldnt hear ANYONE else over all the party noise and it was finally a breath of fresh air. Also, shes awesome.

When @Deathink said "Hi" to me (TWICE) I was legit brought to tears. He is one of my favorite artists here and it was totally a honor to just see and hear him say my name. Made my panties wet...a little... okay, a lot.

Im curious to know what happened and if anyone OD'd...I hope everyone had a fantastic time and as I said many MANY times yesterday:


Posted by CaptKirky - May 1st, 2016



What a GREAT month for Horror themed games eh?! (Not canadian, just felt right)

I feel like this month really lagged with good games but my fav developers really did a great job  (as per usual) at coming out with some gems, so thanks!

@Selfdefiant wins again with 5 FUCKING GAMES THIS MONTH! WOO! Topped with Abducted. Guy never dissapoints.

2nd place goes to @tirsod2000 with Afraid, a game that I Beta Tested for a bit. I am so happy with the outcome though it did seem to get rated pretty unfairly based on people either being pussies or just not a fan of a simple game done extremely well. Check it out if youre into jumpscares and interesting puzzles.

Shoutout to @08jackt for the short and sweet introduction into horror themed nomness with The Shovel. Really pumped to see a new genre from him for his games are always creative as fuck and on point. 

Kudos to everyone else who made my list this month. All around great job. Now onto May my friends!

@chomi3 @DeathTiger0 @RustyLake @TomSennett


Posted by CaptKirky - April 14th, 2016



HAPPY BIRTHDAY @demon1000. I hope you have a wonderful day my cutie with a bootie!

Posted by CaptKirky - April 11th, 2016

So it looks like more people have come forward to me about leaving Newgrounds and my "hatred for recent games coming out" I just want to state....


@Psionic3D @DeathTiger0 @AndrewSP and @Gharrot, your games were in fact AWESOME.

Basically any negative statement I made, flip it and add positives instead of the negatives.

I love all of your work and you guys are what help bring me back to Newgrounds on a daily basis.

I have no plan on EVER leaving Newgrounds. This place will always have a special place in my heart.

Sorry for any confusion, I definitely wanted the developers to know most of all. Last thing I wanted was for you guys to think that I thought your games were horrible when it is infact the complete opposite.  <3

DEFINITELY wont be making anymore April Fools Jokes on here. TrumpGrounds was enough.

Posted by CaptKirky - April 1st, 2016

I dont even know why I come here. I fucking hate this place.

Top 10 Shitty Games of March 2016. Blah. Just a terrible month. Everything was terrible.




@Psionic3D is the Top with The Aberration Inside. Probably one of the worst game developers Ive ever laid eyes on. 
I hated this game so much I ended up playing almost all of his games here on NG, simply because it was that bad. If you havent heard of him, go check out his page. You will NOT be disappointed, (with the bad games of course)

I dunno who @DeathTiger0 thinks he is having 3 just God-Awful games up this March but Jesus Christ Man. Stop. Family Fun Day was just stupid and not cute. Probably the worst game youve made.
Sinbad and Brewster arent great either. Just horrid job. 

Arisen by @AndrewSP and The Bar by @Gharrot just wanna throw a quick mention for being extra crappy in their simplicity and uniquness. Just straight booty.


Sigh. Im done. I wont be back anymore... I hate you NewGrounds. Burn in Hell.

Posted by CaptKirky - March 29th, 2016

Im so fucking tired. Really excited to see all the new games up though. Im just not mentally prepared at all..


*Catching up on work and falling back into the norm or things, will probably get back into full NG mode tonight/tomorrow.

Posted by CaptKirky - March 25th, 2016

Gonna be going to Florida tomorrow and roadtripping back to New York over the weekend so I will be MIA all weekend.

I'll miss you NewGrounds. Think of me! I'll be thinking of you!

Posted by CaptKirky - March 19th, 2016



Ive been having a pretty rough past couple of days. Moods just been super low and it was really REALLY lovely to see new art from @demon1000 but also that I was included in it. It sincerely brought a huge smile to my face, something I desperately needed. So thank you @demon1000, for bringing joy to my heart during this tough time.
You have no idea how much I appreciate it. Seeing work from you always brings me joy, this time especially.




Check out more of his stuff here:


Hes got loads of great pixel art and his music is amazing.