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Gamer who loves ANYTHING Horror, RPGs, Adventure, Point-n-click and Time Management. I tend to always write reviews when I play a game. If you have any recommendations or just wanna talk games, hit a girl up. Laters!

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Send a pic via DM, homie. I'll see what I can do.


Thats the sound I make when Im excited :D Sending it over now.

Happy 4th. I'm super busy right now, but if you PM me a pic of what you look like I might be able to make a quick little sketch while doing my daily warm ups.

DEAL! Happy 4th love <3

wait You got a mini Afro!? Daaaaaaaaaaaaammn Thats Awesome!

Eventually it will be a full on black pride afro. I want it to be HUGE!

This was such a good idea. I'm crying right now lol.

When I *pull* the willing into my upper universe(actually, its to the left - directions don't make sense in SPACE), the universe where I hold Dominion molds their bodies, changing them to reflect their deepest desires.



...Okay, I just used people's display pics as a 'directional mark' to draw swimsuit babes. 9_6

And I'll heart you forever for doing it Yom. ♡

I offered a prize on behalf of Yom's 'contest' thingy :p NG isn't into mailing things out anymore, unless you check out their T-shirts at... forgot. I'll ask Tom to hype the link...

yea Yea YEA...

It was a fun contest to be apart of. I still have no clue why I won. I think only like 2 people voted for me, lol.

So how's the picture quest coming along, happy with the results so far?
I'm just wondering if the adventures of Flapjack are anywhere near as good as Asterix's adventures... can you give me some examples of Flapjack's prowess, some of the places he's been, deeds done?

So far Ive gotten some lovely stuff from @LilG and @Deathink and Ive got a couple more coming in. Once they do I think I'll make a post and pick a "winner" though because everyone is being so awesome and ITS ACTUALLY HAPPENING I'll keep the arsenal and just change my profile pic every month or so. Then all artists will get appreciated for their greatness.

Oh, The Misadventures of Flapjack... Some of his adventures have to do with Candy in some way shape or form but its also about the bond between Flapjack, his mentor Capn' Knuckles and his "mother" whale Bubbie. There are good morals taught throughout the seasons, just done in wacky ways. Definitely a kids show that probably shouldnt be a kids show in its strangeness, which is probably why I love it so much. They get drunk off Maple Syrup. They have episodes on Netflix (or Hulu) and free episodes on Youtube as well. Id say just check it out.

Ive never heard fo Asterix's Adventures...

I'll whip out something for ya' after I finish my Robot Day pic :D

Glad you're getting a good response! I'm just creeperific enough to have to buy my commissioned artworks... but like you, I'm happy to represent my lil guy/avatar, to the great unwashed, heathen, mass-media consumers here on the site.

Flapjack sounds quite legit/honorable! Asterix is really popular in France, Europe and other countries outside the US, was rly happy to find a few good folk here who are familiar w/ him. Got some sample pages in the Dump here http://vicariouse.newgrounds.com/news/post/866627